Online resources that assist and inspire me

Apps I use:

Asana (Project Task Tracker)

Audacity (Audio Editing)

Evernote (Organize notes)

MyFitnessPal (Health)

Toggl (Time-tracking)

WeTransfer (File-sharing)

Wunderlist (Organize to-do’s)


Artists who inspire me:

Brett Bean

Claudia Raya

Isaac Orloff

Kevin Keele

S.T. Lewis

Ty Carter


Online Art Training:

Learn Digital Painting- Magic Box

Learn Traditional Animation- Tony White


Podcasts I enjoy:

Bancroft Brothers (Animation)

Chris Oatley (Art)

Dave Ramsey (Budget)

Helpful Links:

Animation Archive- Living Lines Library

Animation Backgrounds

Animation World News-AWN

Animation News Cartoon Brew

Animation Salvation

Animation Slow Mo Reference

Animator Island

Art Books Matt Watts loves- Pinterest List

Art Gallery Classical- ARC

Art Gallery Diverse- MET

Artist Interviews

Artists I Follow- Pinterest Links

Faith- Pinterest Links

Funny Clean Cartoons- YouTube Playlist

Gesture Tool (Posemaniacs)

Marketing Tips

Voting Info (Unbiased)